Manage your job candidates directly in Gmail

The hiring process is complex. Indeed Embox makes it easier.

How Indeed Embox Works
Manage candidates
Quickly save candidate information using Gmail without an Indeed account. Add the position the candidate applied for, and pick the status they are in the recruiting process.
Pick up where you left off
Next time you open an email from a saved candidate, Indeed Embox will show you the latest application status and suggest an email template to use for your reply.
Use messaging templates
Indeed Embox provides numerous templates you can use for a variety of emails (interview appointments, job rejections, job offers, etc.).
Customize to your needs
You can customize, modify, and save the templates to use when replying to candidates.
Why use Indeed Embox?
Save time
Update the candidate status and have a draft email ready in less than a minute.
Never leave your inbox to manage candidates and stay on top of your recruiting efforts.
Use any of our pre-built customizable templates for all your candidate communications.
How Indeed Embox works?
step 1
Download the FREE* extension. (You do not need to have an Indeed account.)
step 2
Open any of your candidate emails and save your candidate contact information as well as the role they are applying for.
step 3
Next time you open a candidate email, you will see the status you left on as well as a suggested template to use.